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Hot Swap Controller Kit

Hot Swap Controller Kit

Auriga performed full life-cycle development of the Hot Swap Controller Kit (HSCK), that allows controlling high availability features of the CPX8216 series of CompactPCI chassis produced by Motorola Computer Group. 

The CPX8216 chassis contain the Hot Swap Controller, which is capable of controlling access to CompactPCI buses and operation of power supplies, alarms, and information LEDs. 

HSCK provides special APIs and utilities allowing the user or user application to benefit from all the advanced features of the CPX8216 chassis. HSCK works in cooperation with Hot Swap Kit (HSK) when it is present, but can work as a standalone package as well. 

You can download full version case-study via link 

Name: Hot Swap Controller Kit
Tags: case study, DDC, telecom, embedded, software development, maintenance, Windows, OEM, storage

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