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Fibre Channel Drivers

Fibre Channel Drivers

The goal of the project was to provide a set of LynxOS drivers for the Interphase’s x525 family of Fibre Channel adapters that would enable LynxOS to use IP and SCSI Fibre Channel interfaces. The suite was developed as a part of a bigger project targeted to providing a high-capacity SAN-based storage solution. The set of drivers was implemented and allowed to control both HBA node and disks attached to the same loop, supporting simultaneous IP and SCSI exchanges. The set of Fibre Channel drivers was designed to allow for maximum scalability and extensibility. In particular, it is easy to augment the existing software package with additional Fibre Channel interfaces or with low-level drivers that would control new types of Fibre Channel adapters. The Fibre Channel software package included the following drivers and service utilities:

  • The Fibre Channel Master Driver. Provides general purpose Fibre Channel support services and interfaces that allow to attach Upper Level Protocol drivers and hardware drivers to the Master component.
  • Ÿ The Fibre Channel Network Interface. Maps conventional Ethernet based IP networking on Fibre Channel exchanges.
  • Ÿ The Fibre Channel SCSI driver. Maps SCSI transactions issued by the LynxOS kernel to Fibre Channel SCSI exchanges.
  • Ÿ The Fibre Channel Raw Interface. Simulates a UDP based network interface but allows for maximum performance since the conventional kernel TCP/IP stack is bypassed.
  • Ÿ The Interphase’s x526 family Fibre Channel HBA driver. Allows to control the HBA hardware.
  • Ÿ Management and configuration utilities. Allow system administrators to control the Fibre Channel drivers.

Special attention was paid to testing the Fibre Channel drivers. Various test suites were used to verify that Fibre Channel interfaces operate correctly. The software set was accompanied with the necessary internal documentation and user documentation.

Tools and technologies: Ÿ LynxOS, Ÿ C, sh

You can download full version case-study via link 

Name: Fibre Channel Drivers
Tags: case study, DDC, telecom, system-level, network, software development, OEM, drivers

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