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Windows2000 Hot Swap Kit (HSK) for Compact PCI systems

Windows2000 Hot Swap Kit (HSK) for Compact PCI systems

Auriga engineers performed full life-cycle development aof the Hot Swap Kit—the software component, that operates mostly in Windows2000 kernel mode and allows inserting and extracting peripheral Compact PCI boards without shutting down the owner host. It allows users:

  • Ÿ to connect and disconnect the boards without rebooting
  • Ÿ to enable application monitoring of board insertions and removal requests
  • Ÿ to set PCI-to-PCI bridge windows for CompactPCI bus segments
  • Ÿ to inform Windows 2000/XP of the physical slot numbering on user’s system
  • Ÿ to configure alternate Hot Swap Control/Status Register (HS_CSR) miniport drivers
  • to develop new platform drivers and alternate HS_CSR miniport drivers for any specific hardware

A set of software components represented as device drivers were developed, implemented, verified and validated as a result of the project:

Ÿ The filter driver for the CompactPCI bus

  • filtering of the input-output request packages (IRPs) for the devices on the bus
  • informing the system about advanced features of these devices (support for dynamic removal and ejection)
  • tracing the current status of devices from the perspective of the system and assigns resources specified by the system integrator to the PCI-PCI bridges

Ÿ The Hot Swap System Driver

  • performs tracing the population of the CompactPCI bus and status of devices on it, by polling the bus periodically or in response to the ENUM# signal
  • provides the interface to application programs, based on the device I/O control (IOCTL) functions and on the standard system mechanism of Plug-And-Play notifications

Ÿ The platform driver

  • recognition of the ENUM# signal availability with any supported platform due to conformation to the PICMG 2.x family of standards

Ÿ The alternate HS-CSR drivers

  • emulation of the standard HS_CSR register on a specific peripheral device with an alternate (non-standard) implementation of the HS-CSR

 You can download full version case-study via link 

Name: Windows2000 Hot Swap Kit (HSK) for Compact PCI systems
Tags: case study, DDC, telecom, embedded, network, Windows, software development, OEM, storage

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