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Automated Test Suites for Hot Swap  and High Availability Package

Automated Test Suites for Hot Swap and High Availability Package

Auriga engineers performed a comprehensive set of automated test suites for industry’s first Hot Swap and High Availability package. The test suites exercised operation of various hardware and software components of Motorola’s CPX8216 high availability chassis, which operated under control of the Hot Swap and High Availability LynxOS package.

The testing framework allows the automation of activities that are carried on during regression testing and system testing and includes the following components:

  • Ÿ Installation Manager allows to automatically boot, install, and control systems included into the Automated Testing Framework. The operations originally performed by an operator are now fully controlled and carried on by software.
  • Ÿ Archive Manager provides an object store for all types of software objects/archive that are used during test suites installation, software integration, regression and system test phases.
  • Ÿ Build Manager allows to build releases of software that need to be tested automatically. The Build Manager controls the build process carried on in several Cross Development Kits, including the LynxOS CDK and Wind River’s Tornado for VxWorks.
  • System Test Manager controls test suites installation, test suites execution, test reports processing. Provides an interface to the test operator. The System Test Manager is the center of the Automated Testing Framework that ties all components together and provides powerful support for various test related activities

Tools and technologies:

  • Ÿ OS’s: Sun, HP, RS, DEC Alpha, PC, Sun OS 4, Solaris 2, HP/UX, AIX, DEC UNIX, MS Windows 95/98/NT
  • Ÿ Languages: C, Lisp

You can download full version case-study via link 

Name: Automated Test Suites for Hot Swap and High Availability Package
Tags: case study, telecom, DDC, software development, testing, test automation, Windows, Linux, OEM, embedded

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