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UNIX-like RTOS Maintenance and Support

UNIX-like RTOS Maintenance and Support

For over years, Auriga engineers have been providing maintenance and support services for a UNIX-like DO-178B compliant proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS) of its long-term customer, a proven leader in the embedded systems industry delivering its software solutions to such markets as communications, aerospace and defense systems, medical, and automotive.

The supported operating system is a POSIX-conformant, multi-process, and multithreaded OS designed for real-time applications requiring fast response. This hard real-time operating system consists of two major components: the OS kernel and a firmware program (boot PROM) developed for booting the kernel from a specified device.

The Auriga team performs a full range of support/maintenance activities in both the kernel and the PROM components, including the following:

  • Investigating the problems customers face under the proprietary RTOS
  • Fixing high-priority bugs in the kernel, device drivers, utilities, libraries, debuggers, GNU tools, and OS-related products for the following platforms: x86 (3BSPs), PowerPC (10 BSPs), ARM, and MIPS
  • Consulting on the patch creation for the OS and the development of customer-specific versions of the RTOS kernel, utilities, device/network drivers, and libraries

Tools and technologies: UNIX, RTOS, GNU tool chain, x86, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, Eclipse

Name: UNIX-like RTOS Maintenance and Support
Tags: case study, DDC, avionics, embedded, system-level, UNIX, RTOS, maintenance, ISV

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