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DO-178B Level B* Verification and Testing for a UNIX-based RTOS

DO-178B Level B* Verification and Testing for a UNIX-based RTOS

Auriga engineers were acting together with a customer’s team to get ready for the DO178-B Level B certification of a customer’s proprietary UNIX-based real-time operating system used in avionics.

DO-178B is a process standard used to define the safety of software used in airborne systems. The standard is designed as a series of processes that need to be followed during software development, verification, configuration management, and QA stages in order to ensure its conformance to the standard.

Our engineers concentrated on activities required for passing the DO-178B SOI-2/SOI-3 reviews, meaning that the software development and verification stages were covered. The whole team (about 10 people) underwent DO-178B training and was involved in the certification process that took over a year. Within the frameworks of this long-term preparation process, the following activities were performed:

  • Requirements-based testing
  • Coverage testing, including requirements, design, and code coverage
  • Development of Verification Cases and Procedures (VC&P)
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC)
  • Traceability between requirements, design, code, VC&P, and results

During the certification period, Auriga successfully went through a series of external audits made by an RTCA licensed expert. Now, our customer’s RTOS has been deployed in millions of safety-critical applications worldwide, including multiple military and aerospace systems certified to DO-178B.

Tools and technologies: GNU tool chain, PowerPC, CodeTEST (a tool for automatic testing), Word processing tools for document artifact creation

*In DO-178B, Level B software is defined as hazardous; i.e., failure has a large negative impact on safety or performance, reduces the ability of the crew to operate the aircraft due to physical distress or a higher workload, or causes serious or fatal injuries among the passengers.

Name: DO-178B Level B* Verification and Testing for a UNIX-based RTOS
Tags: case study, DDC, avionics, embedded, system-level, UNIX, RTOS, testing, ISV

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