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Embedded software for weather station

Embedded software for weather station

For Auriga’s customer, a leading US weather-broadcasting service, Auriga enhanced the embedded software of the customer’s compact weather stations.

Auriga’s broad expertise in the area of mobile development, significant experience with embedded and system-level development required for this project, and solid track record with the customer made Auriga the first and foremost partner for this task.

The solution functionality included the following:

  • polling weather station sensors (temperature, pressure, wind, relative humidity, lightning detection, etc.)
  • sending the obtained data to an Amazon cloud database server as HTTP packages via the Internet
  • displaying the weather information on a digital display

The solution is a hardware device running an embedded OS integrated into the Blackfin processor. The embedded OS is ADI’s real-time kernel that ships with Visual DSP++.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Unifying firmware configurations in order to create a single configuration suitable for all weather stations (at the start of the project, there were around 12 configurations)
  • Thread synchronization bug fixing (feature needed to synchronize various threads running to process sensor data, network connections, etc.)
  • Platform-dependent method of data synchronization for bug fixing
  • R&D tasks to consider migration to new software and/or hardware equipment
  • Reverse engineering (lack of experts/documentation on the code)
  • ŸNew ultrasonic wind speed/direction sensor integration
  • ŸSCRUM methodology with two-week sprints 

The project highlights included using processor-specific IDE/SDK and a platform-dependent method of data synchronization for bug fixing.

As a collaboration model, a dedicated development center (DDC) was chosen. The customer requested that SCRUM methodology with two-week sprints be used for the project implementation.

Tools and technologies used included analog devices, Blackfin SDK, Visual DSP++, C and C++, and JTAG.

Name: Embedded software for weather station
Tags: case study, project, software development, re-engineering, cloud, embedded

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