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Energy Efficiency Management Solution re-engineering and enhancement

Energy Efficiency Management Solution re-engineering and enhancement

Our customer—a US-based energy-saving company—tasked Auriga to enhance their existing desktop solution and port it to a new web-based platform.

The product presented a set of desktop applications (around 25) varying from internal client databases to energy-saving efficiency calculation tools. Our engineers had to fix the existing bugs first and then concentrate on enhancing the security aspect of the system by transferring the whole functionality to the web.

Product features:

  • Ÿ Screen customers/sites for eligibility
  • Ÿ Schedule audits, installs, QC inspections
  • Ÿ Manage jobs from initial site visit, through work orders, to completion
  • Ÿ Support contractor recruiting, management and training
  • Ÿ Track activities, assign tasks, receive notifications
  • Ÿ Manage images and other documents
  • Ÿ Support marketing/phone surveys
  • Ÿ Process rebates and incentives
  • Ÿ Integrate data from the modules
  • Ÿ Extending report capabilities

The challenge was to find experts for the outdated application developed by various teams over the last 10 years. Our solution included a single Delphi expert coaching Oracle specialist to migrate data to Oracle DB, reverse engineering and algorithm research, and knowledge sharing with engineers inside the company.

To enhance the solution productivity (there were hundreds of users using the application daily in the real-time mode), automated testing was implemented. Also we used Amazon RDS and SES services for cloud-based data storage and exchange

As a result, the Auriga team fixed a large number of problems and increased performance and stability. The use of SCRUM methodology with two-week sprints allowed the team to control the actual development process and provide necessary change requests in a timely manner.

The release of the new version of our client flagship energy-saving solution, which enables users to easily manage, track, and report data to ensure the success of the energy-saving program, was launched in September, 2013. This release was the first updated version of CSG's solution in three years. The hard work of Auriga's engineers was highly appreciated by the CSG management. After the first successful stage of this project, the customer now expects Auriga to improve database logic; customize various versions of the applications, providing a unifying look and feel; and develop functionalities for the web-platform.

Tools & technologies: .Net, HTML5+, Javascript (Kendo UI framework), Kentico CMS (ASP.Net based), Oracle DB, Amazon AWS

Name: Energy Efficiency Management Solution re-engineering and enhancement
Tags: case study, DDC, re-engineering, porting, enterprise, .Net, cloud, Agile, performance optimization, workflow, Oracle, DB, database, data migration, Javascript

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