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Proprietary UNIX RTOS DO-178B Certifiable TCP/IP Stack

Proprietary UNIX RTOS DO-178B Certifiable TCP/IP Stack

Auriga engineers have developed a proprietary implementation of the TCP/IP protocols stack (IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, and IGMP) targeting use in safety-critical DO178-B certifiable systems.

The full lifecycle development was performed from scratch, including project requirement and design specifications, source code development, custom requirements-based test development, and execution. Auriga engineers also fulfilled a set of post-release tasks, including bug fixing, maintenance, overall enhancement, and new feature development.

This developed TCP/IP stack is designed to provide connectivity in safety-critical systems. It consists of a networking daemon, a proxy socket driver, and a set of controller drivers and has the following features:

  • Hardware independent TCP/IP stack using open-standards POSIX API for protocol transactions
  • Compatible with partitioning operating systems
  • Operates in standalone mode (as VM) or as part of an application within a RTOS partition
  • Enables use of TCP/IP/UDP networking stacks between hardware platforms

Subsequently, the stack was also successfully ported to several customers’ RTOS versions and hardware platforms.

Project Features, Tools, and Technologies:

  • Sockets, device drivers, Ethernet
  • Performance and memory footprint tuning
  • TCP/IP testing
  • Distributed and multi-threaded programming
  • Unix kernel internals
  • Unix user-space programming
  • Unix network system administration
  • GNU tool chain
  • PowerPC, IA32
  • RFC standards conformance
  • Media saturation testing
  • OSI Layers 2 through 6

Name: Proprietary UNIX RTOS DO-178B Certifiable TCP/IP Stack
Tags: case study, DDC, Linux, kernel, embedded, system-level, performance optimization, network, software development, testing

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