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Patient monitoring communication module development and testing

Patient monitoring communication module development and testing


One of the world’s leading providers of innovative high-tech medical equipment offering complete solutions for the point of care throughout the entire patient care process—from emergency care and anesthesia to critical care and perinatal care.

Project scope:

Auriga was tasked to develop and test a module responsible for the continuous monitoring, aggregation, storing, and presentation of patient data.

One of the main module functions is to ensure the consistency of records in the PDR (Patient Data Repository) and two-way data transmission from the PDR to the patient monitor and back.

Project requirements:

  • Accurate, certain, and agile implementation of all Client requirements
  • Wide range of supported devices leading to diversified and complex testing
  • Ability to obtain relevant information about the product being tested in a short time

Project features:

  • Unit testing:
    • Interface Manager testing (Interface Manager guarantees error-free signal transmission from patient monitor to PDR and back)
    • Signal Manager testing (the Signal Manager or Application Manager of the module is responsible for ensuring appropriate data storage in PDR nodes and providing predefined communication between node values)
    • Alarms testing
  • Verification testing:
    • Functional testing in real-time environment
    • External Device testing (the operational mode of these devices was SW-simulated on a standalone PC station connected with the main via com-port)

Project results:

  • Effective functionality testing using the emulator and real hardware
  • Full functional testing of the product in accordance with the requirements provided by the Customer
  • Comprehensive reporting system to provide customers with full information about the status of the project

Tools & technologies:

  1. Issue tracking system: Rational ClearQuest
  2. Requirements management system: DOORs
  3. Version control system: TortoiseSVN
  4. Automation tools: Rational Software Products, MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 (for unit test development)
  5. Others: Rational Soda for Word (for report generation)

Name: Patient monitoring communication module development and testing
Tags: case study, DDC, software development, healthcare, medical devices, testing

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