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Mobile Banking Application

Mobile Banking Application

To stay ahead of the changing market, Auriga engineers developed a comprehensive mobile banking application for customers to manage their bank accounts, transactions, and payments. The application was created in close cooperation with banking analysts and experts. It combines the best practices of our core service lines—financial and mobile development. The app is targeted at iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM (Blackberry), and Bada platforms, and it follows the stringent security standards of private personal and banking information.

The mobile banking app possesses the following functionalities:

  • Personal account information
  • Card and account statements
  • Deposits
  • Transactions and payments
  • List of ATMs and branches, map integration, LBS
  • Foreign currency exchange rates
  • Integration with automated banking systems
  • User authorization, PIN validation
  • Secure data storage
  • Access lock and suspicious behavior monitoring

Secure storage and processing of personal data is crucial to online and banking applications. Therefore, our business analysts and engineers examined all recent trends in the information security domain. The following features are in addition to the standard features of the banking apps on the market:

  • Secure storage data
  • Complete cleaning of temporary storage
  • Data encryption of information
  • Data disclosure in the code of the application, preventing usage of the information after hacking
  • Access qualification from the application to system data

We enriched our solution using the following specific methods of protection:

  • Implementation of so-called operations templates that eliminate the possibility of making payments and transfers to third parties and organizations
  • Timeout payments for a period of one to three days in cases of payment transactions to counterparties not listed in the templates

These protective measures reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions on customer accounts. Several large Russian retail banks are currently using this application.

Tools and technologies: iOS, WP7, Android, Blackberry, Bada, Java, Objective C, and C/C++.


Name: Mobile Banking Application
Tags: mobile, iOS, Android, case study, banking, finance, mobile banking, LBS, Location-Based Services, security, maps, UI

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