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Residential Energy Audit Solution

Residential Energy Audit Solution

Our customer, a US-based energy saving company, tasked Auriga to develop a web-based, mobile-optimized multi-tier application for in-home energy audits to replace the existing desktop application.

The main goal of the project was to create an entirely new product—the application that includes an Oracle-based database and .NET business-tier (.NET MVC API) front-end components (web-based hybrid mobile application) that allow the app to be executed on multiple tablets and smartphones. This cross-platform mobile application is optimized for a 5” or larger screen.

The project addressed the following architectural challenges:

  • Easy-to-modify backend functions (separate modules for separate business activities)
  • Each module is isolated and reusable
  • Easy-to-modify database structure
  • Adding only required business processes
  • Support of easy business process modification (connect/remove separate modules)

The project has the following main features:

  • Ÿ Use of Kentico CMS as a web-development platform for the Audit Configuration Tool
  • Ÿ Use of DevArt provider for Oracle database
  • Ÿ Support of the audit process business flow, which includes:
    • Login authentication
    • Selecting appointments from the list of scheduled appointments (daily schedule, including times, addresses, and contact information)
    • Data collection
    • Providing information about and tools for measures and incentives
    • Creating reports
    • Obtaining signatures
  • Online/Offline modes of operation
  • Integration with existing utility costs list

The Auriga team also conducted a business analysis and provided feedback and architectural vision for each part of the whole business process related to the new product.

Tools and Technologies: HTML5 (JavaScript + HTML+ CSS), Kendo UI, Kentico CMS (ASP.NET), Oracle, DevArt, PhoneGap, Rule engine - Web Rule 4.0 CodeEffects

Name: Residential Energy Audit Solution
Tags: case study, DDC, software development, database, data migration, re-engineering, web, CMS, CRM, customer relationship, content-management system

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