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Patent applications processing system

Patent applications processing system

Auriga developed a workflow automation system for processing electronic patent claim forms based on the paper applications gathered from individuals and legal entities. The system allows to enter and analyse the claims, grant patents, provide status change notifications through public web-site. 

Project features
  • Building a relevant in law document workflow system to process electronic forms based on the paper applications
  • Integration with multiple in-house legacy systems in use
  • Data migration from all of the legacy systems into the new DMS
  • 90+ business processes were identified, analyzed and implemented in the system
  • A typical business workflow includes 15 internal departments and 2-3 months of calendar time
  •  Information encryption was implemented, based on the CryptoPro electronic key exchange (software solution certified by Federal Security Service of Russian Federation)

Product features
  • enter and analyze the claims, grant patents
  • provide status change notifications through public web-site calendar time
  • generate electronic documents, send e-mails and paper mail

Tools and technologies:  ASP.Net, Documentum, Oracle 10

Name: Patent applications processing system
Tags: case study, project, software development, maintenance, data migration, database, government, enterprise, workflow, document-management system, DMS, .Net

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