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Examination Audio and Video Surveillance System

Examination Audio and Video Surveillance System

Client: Government agency of education, associated to the Ministry of education

Scope: to develop and deploy an exam audio and video surveillance software integrated into the main exam system

Project Features

  • ŸIntegration with the main IS
  • ŸAudio and video recording, processing to video/audio files
  • ŸCorresponding data storage, search and manipulation mechanisms developed
  • ŸActs as an initial data registration point for oral exams

Product Features

  • ŸDistributed N-tire web-based application
  • ŸHigh volume of elaborated data
  • Ÿ“Real-time” behavior
  • ŸDistributed data storage and access logic to highly-optimized structures, queries and stored procedures
  • ŸEmbedded SW for high performance exam answer sheets scanners

ŸTools and technologies: MS .Net, MS SQL Server, ŸXF Rendering Server, Microsoft and GNU tool chain
Name: Examination Audio and Video Surveillance System
Tags: case study, project, software development, streaming, video, government

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