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Secure Virtualization Platform

Secure Virtualization Platform

Design, development and maintenance of secure virtualization platform – small footprint, non-intrusive, efficient type 1 (bare-metal) hypervisor for embedded and desktop platforms with multi-core CPU support and device virtualization. The platform supports Linux, Solaris 10, Windows XP, Windows 7 (x32, x64), ChromeOS as guest operating systems in full virtualization mode, and Linux and LynxOS in cooperative para-virtualization mode, providing for applications 100% binary compatibility with non-virtualized instances.

Military-grade security subsystem built into the platform isolates different operating systems (with their applications and data) sharing the same hardware platform from one another. The guest OS’s securely share storage and KVM devices provide by the hardware platform.

Among other things, the project included emulation and sharing of block and HID devices; secure partitioning of operating systems; development of virtual network adaptors for guest operating systems; packet filtration, multiplexing/demultiplexing inside hypervisor to allow several virtual machines to use the same physical network adaptor simultaneously; support for Intel VT-x technology.

Product Features:Ÿ

  • Type 1 hypervisor, embedded and desktop clients
  • ŸSmall footprint, non-intrusive, efficient
  • ŸMilitary-grade (avionics) secure partitions: partition separation, app/OS separation, protection against malicious software
  • ŸFull virtualization and para-virtualization for guest OS
  • ŸMulti-core support: core sharing, core affinity and SMP
  • ŸDevice virtualization: direct assignment and sharing
  • ŸBased on open source solution (Qemu) 

Tools and Platforms Ÿ

  • C/C++, Asm, GNU toolchain 2nd Generation 
  • Intel Core™ i5 & i7, Sandy Bridge, АТОМ е5хх & е6хх
  • ŸEPT, PAT and AVX

Virtualized guest OS

  • ŸFull: RHEL 5.2, Solaris 10, Win XP, Win 7 (x32, x64), ChromeOS
  • ŸPara: Ubuntu 10.10, RTOS

Emulated devices

  • ŸKVM: PS/2, USB, video
  • ŸNetwork: RealTek 8029 NIC
  • ŸAudio: Intel 82801 AC'97, ICH6/ICH10
  • ŸUSB UHCI controllers
  • ŸBlock Device Emulation: master and slave devices for virtual IDE/SATA controllers, Intel ICH7 SATA controller, RAM disk support
Name: Secure Virtualization Platform
Tags: case study, software development, maintenance, embedded, system-level, virtualization, Linux, Windows, DDC, long-term DDC

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