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Signal Processing for Patient Monitor

Signal Processing for Patient Monitor

Client: worldwide medical device manufacture

Scope: to realize DSP firmware upload process and bootloader development as a part of new patient monitoring software project

Product Features:

Ÿ Easy to use, customizable Qt user interface

Ÿ Various screen sizes 12”-15”

  • Touch screen control
  • Basic monitoring functions: ECG 3-6 leads, RESP, NIBP, 2X YSI TEMP, SPO2, ST analysis, Arrhythmia alarm
  • Screens support up to 8 waveforms + several other views
  • Several display modes: big font, full ECG, night

Project Features:

  • Examination DSP-processor TMS320VC5509A source code
  • McBSP protocol usage
  • SPI-slave, MMC card support
  • Code composer studio used for firmware development
  • Generated image is embedded in ARM-build
  • Kernel module (binary file) is installed at the DSP at the beginning of operation

Tools & Technologies: Windows CE, Qt framework, DSP, ARM, C/C++, valgrind, McBSP

Name: Signal Processing for Patient Monitor
Tags: case study, DDC, software development, embedded, medical devices, healthcare, kernel, digital signal processing, DSP, OEM

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