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Optimizing HW Algorithms for Data Collection

Optimizing HW Algorithms for Data Collection

Client: major military HW developer.

Scope: to create testing and debugging system that measures accuracy rate of harmonic oscillations performed by the HW unit

Product Functionality:

  • SW performs a number of tests, collect and represent results and provides HW developers with low-level tools for debugging
  • SW loads oscillation parameters into the HW module and starts it
  • SW performs periodic requests to the HW sensors, collects data, performs coherent and non-coherent accumulation
  • At the end of cycle the trigger data (i.e., the data that was loaded in the product) and the collected data are processed by DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) to compare amplitudes (DFT displays the amplitude and phase components of the signal, to check to what extent the HW survived the given parameters of the vibrational process)

Project Features:

  • Several DFT options are calculated, covering a wide range of length samples to obtain the best signal/noise ratio for collected data.
  • Also oscillation ratio picked based on the same considerations, taking into account I/O transfer rate with the HW.

Tools & Technologies: MS Visual Studio, DDK (PCI extension card driver developing), oscilloscope, logic signal analyzer
Name: Optimizing HW Algorithms for Data Collection
Tags: case study, project, software development, embedded, digital signal processing, DSP, performance optimization

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