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Virtual Hardware Emulation Platform

Virtual Hardware Emulation Platform

Client: one of the leading silicon vendors

Scope: to develop a virtual hardware emulating platform without real HW prototype

Product Features:

  • Support for various OSs including Windows/Linux
  • Start development and testing before a real HW prototype is ready
  • Ability to quickly build the needed platform model from various components (CPU, memory etc.)
  • Code reverse execution allowing to simplify software debugging significantly

Project Features: Numerous device models and components were created for the virtual platform including audio chips, network and UBS controllers etc.:

  • HD Audio – audio-chip for sound reproduction
  • Ethernet 82580 (BartonHills) и x540 – network controllers
  • USB 3.0 и USB DWC3 –USB-controller various USB devices support and mapping realization
  • Nuvoton Super IO – chip, including numerous devices like keyboard controllers, serial port controllers, GPIO, etc.
  • TPM – chip, allowing to provide an enhanced level of security
  • CAN controller PCH EG20T –CAN-bus protocol controller
  • VTC – functionality for x540 Intel Ethernet adapter family, allowing these controllers to operate under hypervisor
  • CPM – communication controller for applications, accelerators, and acceleration technologies

Tools & Technologies: Customer proprietary development tools, GCC, Python, SVN for source code and documentation storage

Name: Virtual Hardware Emulation Platform
Tags: case study, project, product R&D, software development, embedded, kernel, drivers, virtualization

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