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Mobile Clients

The number of people accessing the mobile web is growing rapidly, and mobile Internet surfing is expected to overtake the PC by 2015. Mobile searching is also growing at a fast pace, with Google and Microsoft estimating that 40 and 53 percent of local searches are currently done via mobile, respectively. Overall, according to the Wireless Association, the wireless segment is growing five times faster than the rest of the US economy.

Thus, to be ahead of (or at least in line with) the competition, you need to make your application available to mobile users— not always an easy task. A mobile client needs as much of a developer’s attention as the original application. It should have a customized business logic layer, rich but mobile-friendly UI, and seamless connectivity with the “parent” application. We at Auriga have years of experience dealing with mobile clients’ development and maintenance of different types of web-services and high-loaded distributed applications. Here are some examples:

  • The assisting of a fully-functional mail and IM client with one of the leading online multi-purpose (mail, search, market tools) portals
  • The development of a unique real-time video streaming and transcoding service based on Amazon cloud technology
  • The development of automotive mobile applications using CAN protocols to obtain data from a vehicle and the development of a web service for collecting the metrics from the automobiles with this module installed and providing aggregated statistics for the authorized users via cloud-computing technologies
  • The development of a set of mobile applications that provides an enhanced experience for car owners during track racing (offers auto track detection, current track position, real-time technical information, average/best times etc.) and the creation of web services for accessing the accumulated information (e.g., tracks run, best/average track times for the track application mentioned above)
  • The assisting of a mobile client (Android, iOS) and a Windows client with Dropbox-like cloud-based storage with special emphasis on multimedia content, ability to play online audio/video, and support for download resumption after connection problems
  • The development of a mobile application for Android (similar to Google Shopper) that allows customers to choose the right product, read product reviews, find the best prices, and locate the most convenient places to buy the selected product
  • The assisting of an Android SIP client with a proprietary videoconferencing solution
  • The development of a web service with a JSON interface that provides web/mobile clients with a music catalog and pricing information

If you feel that your business could benefit from added support for a mobile audience, contact us at (866) 645-1119 or Your needs will immediately be attended to, and you will experience the quick, professional, and predictable implementation of our mobile platforms support project. 

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