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Summary: Communication Protocols, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA, HTTP, TCP/IP.

Communication Protocols

The mobile technology market is constantly evolving. Several changes are happening right in front of our eyes: Over the last several years, we have witnessed the introduction of GPRS (2.5 G), EDGE (2.75G), and UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (3G). Now, 4G expands the horizons for both mobile users and device manufacturers. It also poses a challenge to software and hardware ISVs and OEMs that are striving to keep up with the technology and reduce time-to-market.

Auriga has a long history of developing communication solutions for mobile and embedded devices. We have been operating in this market since 1990 and are much more knowledgeable than the average mobile software-development provider. If you are seeking a real communications expert, Auriga is the perfect choice.

In the mobile area, our knowledge of protocols is reflected in such real-life projects as:

  • Assisting mobile clients in streaming video services working over HTTP and RTSP protocols using certain online cloud storage systems
  • Developing a mobile web videoconferencing solution working over SIP+RTMP and SIP+H.323 protocols
  • Assisting mobile e-mail and IM (XMPP) clients
  • Developing automotive mobile applications using CAN protocols to obtain data from the vehicle with further expansion to complex car-diagnostic solutions using cloud-computing technologies
  • Integrating Glonass/GPS mobile navigation applications with a car-entertainment system over proprietary protocols
  • Adding Bluetooth connectivity and using non-standard Bluetooth stacks for mobile applications

But our expertise extends far beyond the scope of pure mobile-applications development. Our list of successfully delivered projects numbers in the dozens:

  • The implementation of lightweight ARP/IP/UDP/TFTP stacks for embedded systems from scratch
  • The development of updates, fixes, and migrations for the TCP/IP stacks for two different operating systems
  • The development of numerous networking applications and network interface device drivers for more than ten different operating systems and firmware platforms
  • The development of medical central station software for collecting and displaying real-time patient data from several patient monitors
  • The addition of the capability to view patient data from one patient monitor on another monitor's screen
  • The development of a proprietary implementation of the TCP/IP protocols stack targeted for use in safety-critical and DO178-B certifiable systems
  • The development and support of a PSTN/SS7 gateway solution
  • The implementation of an HLR/HSS solution
  • The automation testing of VLR/MSC/AUC solutions
  • The implementation of GSM and OMC applications and the support of a telecom shelf-management solution controlled over SNMP, Web, and RMCP protocols
  • The development of automotive, marine navigation, and medical applications controlling devices and gathering data over CAN bus
  • The development of embedded applications working with peripheral devices over such protocols as I2C, SPI, and UART
  • The realization of IPMI for xTCA boards

Auriga is proud to have in its portfolio significant projects that have required a combination of different knowledge areas and technologies such as the following:

    • The use of networking sockets over PCI as a part of a framework and the development of virtual Ethernet drivers for emulation over a memory bus
    • The emulation of IPMB over Ethernet (the opening phase of the Advanced TCA Shelf Manager Development Project)
    • The development of transport layer protocol over CAN as a part of a monitoring solution project for a leading medical-devices manufacturer (the display receives multiple data by means of CAN bus via an i82527 controller from the backend and processes it in real-time mode)
    • The use of SeaTalk CAN-based protocol to obtain information from numerous marine devices, process it, and deliver it to users through a multifunctional display 

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