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Product research and development services

We are masters at developing complex software and software/hardware combination products — and it’s fair enough, because it’s what we love to do. In 2011, Datamonitor named Auriga the number one outsourcing provider worldwide in the engineering services category based on a client satisfaction survey. And the reason for this success lies in our over twenty years of experience.

We at Auriga truly believe that several important components must be in place to reach success in outsourcing product development, and we provide them all:

  • The Right People.

    Software R&D and outsourced product-development projects require engineers that are constantly looking for new and important ways to improve architecture, shorten workflow, ensure quality, and optimize product performance. People working on such projects must have a sense of ownership for the code they write, test, or work on in other ways. They should be broad-minded, capable of learning, and able to attack problems. In fact, they should value the ability to fascinate users with a perfect, groundbreaking product over moving to the top of the corporate ladder. And that is exactly the sort of people we recruit at Auriga.

  • The Right Size.

    It is a well-known fact that in the software R&D industry, a dozen talented engineers can achieve more than a hundred mediocre ones. You don’t need huge teams. You need a provider who knows the score: It shouldn’t be too huge to care about and pay attention to the team of people (whether it be a team of two of fifty) working on your important projects. At the same time, you expect the provider to be mature enough to be sure that it will still be there in a year from now and that it will be able to provide additional project resources if you need them. Here we are—Auriga—with our three hundred handpicked employees, twenty-plus years of experience, and worldwide acknowledgements for quality service. Our existing customers find that were are a perfect match to their expectations.

  • The Right Model.

    Those in the know are aware of how important it is to constantly keep in mind that R&D is only one of the tools used to reach business goals. In a rapidly changing market, business requirements change as well, so you need an outsourcing model that allows you to easily adjust a project to match the altered business reality. Besides, customers that have their own engineering force and tailored processes for dealing with R&D projects in place are unlikely to be happy with needing to modify their work style to bring the outsourcing vendor up to date. In some cases, it can lead to increased tension and ongoing resistance between customers and the outsourcing engineering team. Auriga offers a wide range of business models, agile development practices, and advanced risk-reward-based or ‘fixed-price agile’ combinations for those who need them. Our approach towards business terms, engineering methodology, and proposed project tools is very flexible. In fact, we adjust it to each individual client to address specific needs.

  • The Right Culture and Communications.

    One of the greatest risks to offshore and near-shore services is the failure of geographically diverse teams to communicate freely and understand each other. Here at Auriga, we pay special attention to the communications process. Communication plans are important to every project, and our project managers cultivate frequent, focused, and open communications between teams on both sides. We believe that efficient, convenient, and direct communications between team members on all levels contribute to the success of the project. Apart from language courses, we also provide all our employees with training in cultural differences. As a result, our clients in the US, Germany, and the UK note that working with our teams is as easy as dealing with local engineers.

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