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News Release

Dec 8, 2009

Andrei Pronin - “From Russia with Software”

Earlier this year, Dr. Sukharev, Auriga Founder and President, was invited to China to attend two important events that brought together business, technology, and political leaders to collaborate on solutions for common issues and supporting economic development. We gave coverage to this visit in our October’09 press-release . Following the report of Dr. Sukharev, Chinese journalists made a request for an overview article concerning the specifics of Russian IT & software industry.

This think piece, written by Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager, was published in the November’09 issue of the Programmer Magazine by CSDN, China’s largest software development community.

In the article, Andrei provides a brief overview of Russian ICT industry, sharing his views on its history, current place in the global software development arena, unique features as compared to other countries, and the praised Russian software talents.

“We are pleased with the interest of Chinese IT community to the Russian R&D software industry, its history and perspectives. I believe that better recognition between Russian and Chinese providers of outsourcing services can give rise to prosperous partnership and collaboration. We are honored to represent the Russian software outsourcing industry in such well-known media recourse like CSDN. Let me tell you, that we will avail of the every opportunity to make Russia visible as one of the global outsourcing leaders“

Auriga President and Founder Dr. Sukharev

“From Russia With Software”: article excerpts

Russia’s competitive advantage is its high quality education and training, with focus on deep fundamental knowledge, which prepares our IT graduates for technological change and learning new technical skills when needed, rather than just being proficient in the “skill of the day”.
Russian “engineers and software developers are most often involved in core application development projects, project planning, requirements gathering & analysis and specification design activities, which is particularly noteworthy given that these life cycle activities are not typically associated with software offshore outsourcing”. In two words, if you have a high-tech product of your own and consider outsourcing some product development tasks the best thing you can do is outsourcing to Russia.
From 2002 to nowadays the turnover from exporting the software grew almost 10 times, and in 2008 constituted $2.65 bln, or about of 50% of the total Russian IT industry. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing global crisis the growth of the software export in 2008 was only 21% compared to the compound annual growth rate of over 44% experienced between 2002 and 2007. Nevertheless, the industry continues to climb up, expecting some growth even in the tough 2009 and then restoration to the pre-crisis growth rate after 2010.
Tom Kilroy, General Manager of Intel Digital Enterprise Group, speaking in Hyderabad at a conference entitled ‘Intel Innovation: China, Russia and India’, emphasized Russia’s ‘software development innovation’, as compared with China’s ‘marketing innovation’ and India’s ‘silicon design excellence’.
Some believe that this orientation on software R&D is a limitation of Russia in the competition with the global IT outsourcing superpowers, such as India. But in my opinion, this naturally focused strength is rather a good seed for the growth, since it would be hard to take this niche away from Russia, and further development can be based on this firm base. The question is how to use this strength properly. ***
If played wisely, these "soft skills" may become the winning card for the Russian software services industry.

Enjoy the entire article in English on the Auriga web-site:

The full text of the article is also available at CSDN.NET (in Chinese):

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