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News Release

Aug 31, 2009

Auriga & Pigeon Point Systems: cooperation for over 10 years

Founded in 1997 and a customer of Auriga from the very start, Pigeon Point Systems, an Actel company, focuses on products and services supporting the adoption of open modular platforms to replace proprietary architectures, with a primary focus on the telecommunications market and PICMG standards.

Pigeon Point Systems’ product portfolio includes world-class management components for modular platforms based on the AdvancedTCA® (ATCA), AdvancedMC™, and MicroTCA™ architectures, plus consulting and design services. Pigeon Point Systems participates actively in defining these open modular architectures. An executive member of PICMG, Pigeon Point Systems is a leader in the ATCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA subcommittees and is active in many other technical subcommittees.

Auriga is proud that its dedicated team, working in close cooperation with Pigeon Point Systems, has contributed to the development of solutions that became recognized leaders in their field. Over the years of cooperation, Auriga worked on several projects for Pigeon Point Systems. Among the first projects was the Pigeon Point Hot Swap Kit, which enables high availability features in a CompactPCI chassis. Later, Auriga worked on a Redundant Host (RH) support layer over the Hot Swap layer for Linux and Windows. RH support is a level of High Availability system that allows live-system replacement of the redundant host boards that manage peripheral CompactPCI boards, without disrupting the operation of the chassis and its constituent peripheral boards.

Currently, Auriga engineers working for Pigeon Point Systems actively participate in PICMG technical subcommittees and contribute to the development of software for PICMG management controllers, including the widely used Pigeon Point Shelf Manager. The Pigeon Point Shelf Manager consists of a combined software and hardware module that provides cost-effective, inter-operable management of open modular platforms based on the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Advanced Telecommunication Architecture (AdvancedTCA). Auriga engineers also take part in the Service Availability Forum's Hardware Platform Interface working group on behalf of Pigeon Point Systems.

In June 2009, Auriga Team Manager Sergey Zhukov, in cooperation with Michael Thompson of Pentair/Schroff, wrote an article discussing the advantages of the Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus, which provides a straightforward and extensible basis for building powerful management into complex systems. The article was published in the RTC Magazine in June 2009.

The full text of the article is available here: Managing Small Modules/ Using I2C for "Behind-the-Scenes" Management

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