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News Release

Aug 31, 2009

Auriga in the Global Services 100 Showcase

In today’s economy, IT outsourcing and software R&D providers are struggling to attract new clients as well as preserve and expand the business. In the exclusive interview excerpt below Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager, shares his thoughts on the unique challenges facing the industry and comments on how Auriga sees itself in the market.

It's important to pay attention to such "soft skills" as cultural proximity to the buyer; flexibility in pricing and delivery approaches; development methodologies and processes; ability to manage knowledge efficiently during all stages of engagement; integrity of the provider; orientation towards customer business goals rather than blindly following the specs.

Our main unique selling proposition is the ability to deliver the rare combination of the following service characteristics at a reasonable price:

● talented software engineers with excellent educational background and industry experience, able to learn quickly and think creatively
● individual approach to every customer, flexible engagement models, tight integration with existing customer processes

Among various strengths we have, in the current unstable business situation, it makes sense to highlight our individual approach to every customer. This individual approach consists of our ability to tailor the delivery and pricing approach to the needs of the specific customer, our flexible development and QA methodology that allows tight integration with existing customer processes, so that they work with us as a continuation of their own engineering or business force, just sitting behind another wall. We are improving this flexibility now by offering new approaches targeted at harmonizing the customer and provider interests, and making both sides benefit from minimizing the project cost, time and effort.

The interview touches Auriga processes, objectives and strategies to stay ahead in business, and highlights the importance of flexibility and ‘best-sourcing’ approach to outsourcing as a key factor in establishing win-to-win relationship between the outsourcer and the customer.

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