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News Release

Mar 29, 2009

Appointment: Andrei Pronin – General Manager

Auriga announces the appointment of Andrei Pronin to the newly created position of General Manager. As General Manager, Andrei is responsible for strategic planning and supervision of the company activities. Along with strong managerial skills, Andrei brings in his vast experience in team building, people management, and business development in IT outsourcing area. These qualities are supported by strong engineering experience and deep first-hand knowledge of the specifics of Auriga operations on all levels.

"Andrei’s knowledge and expertise will further strengthen the senior management team. I am confident that Andrei will provide Auriga with leadership and stability and I fully support his appointment."
- Alexis Sukharev, Auriga President and founder

Andrei joined Auriga in 1998 as a software engineer, and since then held various engineering and managerial positions, including Chief Delivery Officer and Director of Business Development. In 2008 he diverted from the company activities to take the post of Head of Engineering at MeshNetics start-up company. In 2009, after completing the successful acquisition of cutting-edge MeshNetics’ wireless products by Atmel Corp, Andrei returned to Auriga.

Andrei holds a PhD in theoretical mechanics and applied mathematics from Moscow State University.

"I’m glad to be back to Auriga again. After spending some time apart and working at other places, I started realizing even better what brilliant people we have gathered here, what high level of maturity has been reached over almost 20 years of operation, and what huge potential the company has. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that despite the economic downtime, the company remained stable, flexible and agile, truly focused on bringing maximum value; the people are still full of energy and ideas. We are preparing to launch a number of interesting initiatives and partnership programs. So, I’m optimistically looking into the future and expecting a lot of fun from hard work of converting this big potential into a better market position over the next two years.”
- Andrei Pronin

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