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News Release

Jan 30, 2009

Auriga offers desktop news aggregator APBAT

APBAT, a real-time desktop news aggregator for media professionals, has been significantly updated in 2008 and made available to wider audience. This news aggregation tool developed by Auriga handles a wide range of protocols and allows distribution and custom data printing according to user-defined templates and information distribution schemes.

APBAT is a desktop application that retrieves news from leading news wires in real time, intended for news agencies, online and print publishing organizations, and other mass media and information providers. APBAT interacts directly with leading news wires, provided by the world news agencies such as ITAR-TASS, Interfax, Reuters, AP, AFP, and RIA Novosti.

It handles all three main steps in the information cycle, that is, information retrieval/aggregation, processing and information sharing.

APBAT can retrieve news from a range of newswires, as it supports a range of sources, such as dedicated agency channels, file server, e-mail or an in-built Internet service (Kinecta). APBAT provides multilingual support, enabling retrieval of local news in all major European languages, including Russian.

APBAT supports a news database that can store up to 30 000 items (i.e. all news for 10–14 days), and processes all retrieved messages in accordance with the original source data format, including unpacking and decoding. Its easy user-friendly interface, an in-built text editor, and keyboard navigation ensure that all main functions are within reach.

APBAT enables redirecting and distributing messages to other servers, to e-mail addresses or to communication channels according to user-defined information schemas. Custom news groups can be queued for immediate distribution to the target audience or automated data printing.

APBAT is a reliable and compact tool that can be installed on any Windows PC with standard serial communication ports or a standard network interface card, and event log database allows the administrator to trace all existing events in case of any connection problems.

The advantages of APBAT have earned it recognition from major press agencies, radio and TV channels, and prominent daily newspapers. Our client list includes: Associated Press, Voice of America, The New York Times, and other players in the global media market.

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