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News Release

Jul 31, 2008

Auriga significantly expanded its operations in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Auriga-Nizhny Novgorod Delivery Center (NN-DC) is one of several regional Software Development Centers, founded in 2006. Started as a minor extension of Moscow-based projects with a few engineers on board, at present NN-DC it full-featured delivery center fully staffed and equipped for management and delivery services for most of Auriga customers. For the last several months Auriga significantly expanded its operations by increasing ongoing investment and development. Just within last 3 months DC’s headcount increased by 22% and the amount of Auriga key customers, transferred their projects to NN, doubled.

Being one of the world leaders in embedded systems development since 1990, Auriga,—as well as Intel, Motorola and Nortel,—primarily has chosen NN as a source of specifically qualified human resources which can be utilized to resolve system level, embedded, firmware, hardware and Man-Machine Interface developments tasks. Nowadays, NN_DC is capable of providing the full spectrum of Auriga services for healthcare, telecommunications and computer software industries.

Ildar Gabdulline, Head of NN Delivery Center, said. ”I believe in the world-class engineering power of Nizhny and may confirm that Delivery Center, located here, is capable to successfully handle most, if not all, projects related to Auriga business sectors. Our future plans include: further growth of engineering staff, launch of software engineering training courses in cooperation with one of local universities, some activities targeted to additionally optimize service delivery processes.”

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