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News Release

May 30, 2008

Auriga is entering the mobile multimedia market

Mobixell Networks, the leader in the innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions for the dynamic world of mobile telecommunications, selected Auriga as a partner in developing a content management system for traditional and viral advertising that is known as a popular marketing tool in mobile networks. Mobixell solutions enable operators and content providers to introduce multimedia based services to subscribers and maximize their revenue streams by delivering optimized, high-quality, rich media content.

The engagement started a year ago, with a small Auriga team of Java-developers entrusted with the task of developing a database system for mobile phones with an enriched web-interface and a sophisticated API. Auriga was selected, primarily, due to its proven history of successful long-term engagements with European and US companies and its client-centricity policy. During the first year of the Mobixell-Auriga Offshore Development Center, one big project was successfully completed and the second one is about to be finished.

Implementation of these projects has demanded from Auriga engineers professional knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and expert project management skills. The projects have used advanced Java technologies such as Spring, JPA, Hibernate, GWT, and High Availability system principles as well. Given the specifics of the mobile telecommunications market, namely its rapidly changing requirements, the Agile approach was selected as a driving project management methodology. The development process was divided into short two-week sessions with interim presentations at the end of each session. This approach has allowed the customer to make timely changes and adjust their expectations.

Mobixell Networks has highly appreciated working with Auriga. The project management, the level of communications and the team performance have been assessed as “exceeding expectations”. At present, Auriga and Mobixell are negotiating the prospects for the ODC enlargement. We hope the next step of the collaboration will be likewise interesting and mutually beneficial.

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