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News Release

Mar 27, 2008

Auriga launches new course on Mercury QuickTest Professional

The Auriga Training Center has begun conducting a new course in Mercury QuickTest Professional (QTP) skills. The need for such skills has been prompted by the growing regression testing effort that can be addressed through automation. Designed by Auriga QA experts, this 8-hour course provides a comprehensive understanding of using QuickTest Professional as an automated functional testing tool for Web applications. The course addresses topics such as recording and running tests, adding synchronization points and verification steps, modularizing and reusing tests. All topics are supported by extensive hands-on exercises that are based on real-life examples designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to automate testing using QuickTest Professional.

The first in-house training sessions were held at Auriga’s Moscow head office at the end of February and received a highly positive feedback from the course participants.

Additionally, Auriga QA experts are developing a training course that focuses on using Mercury LoadRunner to load test Web applications to ensure that they will perform and scale under the peak demands of the business. This course is set for May, 2008 at Auriga’s Moscow head office. Both courses will then be conducted at Auriga’s software development centers in the cities of Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. The two new courses, that complement the existing suite of Auriga’s training courses, will help expand Auriga’s testing capabilities.

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