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News Release

Jan 15, 2008

Auriga is entering the UK market

Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics focusing on recreational boating and light commercial marine markets, has selected Auriga as a partner in developing a new series of multifunctional navigation displays. The engagement started in November 2007, with a small team of Auriga engineers coming onsite to gain knowledge of Raymarine products and processes and demonstrate their ability to handle complex tasks. After the success of this initial mutual acquaintance process, the team was expanded, and further extension of the team is currently planned for early 2008. The next step for the team members is returning to Russia to form the core of the new Raymarine dedicated offshore team.

Auriga was selected for the task because of the proven history of successful long-term engagements with European and U.S. companies and the ability to put together a team of truly bright engineers with excellent backgrounds, capable of doing complex projects for embedded systems both at the OS kernel and applications levels. “We are glad to have Auriga engineers on board,” says Matthew Cooke, Outsource Software Program Manager at Raymarine. “We have not had any problems with communication, which had been a concern, they are working well with our in-house team, and our initial impression of their technical capability is good.”

Raymarine is Auriga’s first direct client in the UK. Auriga doesn’t plan to stop at that point and expects to continue winning the UK clients by demonstrating diverse expertise and strong engineering and management skills. Robust management, world-top expertise in embedded systems and OS internals area and deep knowledge of enterprise applications technologies, combined with a growing competence and client base in the financial sector (traditionally playing an important role in the UK outsourcing profile) make Auriga an attractive outsourcing destination for UK companies from the high-tech and financial sectors.

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