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News Release

Dec 14, 2007

Students today, bright IT workforce tomorrow

Russian students continue to demonstrate strong performance and earn recognition at international programming contests. This fall Petr Mitrichev, a young talented Russian student programmer from Moscow State University, the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, won the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge (TCCC) for the second consecutive year. This tournament is a prestigious individual competition for student programmers. To win students were to show an ability to solve complicated problems and write a code resistant to cracking. Last year this young Russian talent became the first student to win three largest world individual programming championships at a time: TCCC, TopCoder Open, and Google Code Jam. Russian students were also the best at the worldwide team programming championship held earlier this year in Tokyo, where they won one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal. And to complete the picture of impressive victories, the performance of the Russian students at the ACM contest, the most prestigious intellectual competition for young programmers, should be mentioned. The student teams from the leading Russian universities have repeatedly become world champions in this tournament, gaining the highest results. These achievements give confidence in the future of the Russian IT that draws such bright young talents.

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