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News Release

Nov 12, 2007

New level of service: Certified ScrumMasters at Auriga

Agile methodologies are in high demand in today’s world. High-tech companies are facing increasing competition in the market and have to struggle for further shortening the TTM and the ability to work efficiently under rapidly changing requirements. Being a service provider who closely tracks the clients’ needs and expectations, Auriga has long been offering software development/maintenance services based on Agile methodologies and continues investing in improving the provided services. In October 2007, Auriga decided to bring the quality of the Agile service line up to the new level. As a part of the program, two of Auriga’s experienced team leads have passed formal ScrumMaster training and have become Certified ScrumMasters. The new ScrumMasters now control the development processes for the Agile projects led by Auriga and deliver additional corporate trainings for Auriga engineers and managers.

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