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News Release

Nov 9, 2007

New skills: Auriga strengthens CRM expertise

Earlier this year, Auriga announced that the company started to focus on CRM and Customer Care systems development, integration, support and training services. The company became the first distributor and integration service provider of QueWeb Customer Care Suite in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. The agreement was the result of years of Auriga’s successful cooperation with Queplix, the US software development company that pioneered Commercial Open Source Customer Care solutions designed for the enterprises of all sizes—from small to large. Auriga’s expertise with CRM systems is not limited to QueWeb-based solutions. Along with the projects outsourced by Auriga customers, the company performs its own research and training. The company is already successfully developing experience in Avaya call centers integration, Siebel CRM system, and continues to strengthen its domain knowledge by performing new projects in this area.

New skills: Auriga enters the Documentum world

By building up the set of skills that the company can offer in the enterprise applications domain, Auriga has entered a new knowledge area. Following the growing demand for the specialists in EMC’s Documentum, Auriga has started training its senior engineers in this enterprise content management platform. The first group of engineers who are completing the training this week have already been allocated to customer projects. Additional content management solution expertise will not only strengthen Auriga’s position in the content management domain, but will also extend the company’s capabilities in such areas as enterprise healthcare where EMC’s Documentum continues to win popularity as the basis for EMR/EHR, PACS and other systems.

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