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News Release

Aug 17, 2007

Russian Providers Tackle Growing Demand for Engineering Services

What challenges do high-tech companies face? What are the current trends on the global outsourcing market? These are the questions discussed in the recent article by Global Services—an influential media platform aimed at corporate IT professionals and run jointly by CMP and CyberMedia. This time they took a closer look at the engineering outsourcing services sector, drawing the conclusions from the experience of leading Russian outsourcing companies. And Auriga has once again been cited as a prime example of one of the top providers in Russia. According to Global Services, developers such as Auriga are ensuring Russia’s growing emergence as the new leader in engineering services outsourcing.

Outsourcing isn’t just writing code or testing software anymore, the article stresses. Companies in high-tech domain are already looking at global engineering service providers to bring in innovative solutions for next-gen products. And it’s not only about the cost anymore, either. While for CEOs outsourcing still primarily means cutting the cost of expensive R&D and engineering support, for CTOs and PMs that’s already more about drawing in ideas and talents, reducing the product development cycle, minimizing TTM, and increasing capacity. This article as well as other recent reports and publications bear a clear message: many companies begin offshoring to cut costs, but then expand their commitments for more strategic reasons, and eventually high-talent weighs more than low-cost. And that’s where Russia and companies like Auriga enter the scene, offering top innovative solutions unmatched by their counterparts in the more traditional outsourcing venues. The publication cites statistics showing that almost 50 percent of Russian student population majors in technology, science or engineering—far more than in China, India, Japan or the U.S.—and that over 1.3 million degreed professionals are currently circulating in the Russian economy, with an estimated 2.35 million more in the university system. These figures alone illustrate the country’s vast potential to attract first-rate international clients seeking IT and engineering outsourcing talent—a supposition that is being effectively corroborated by such companies as Sun Microsystems, Intel, Alcatel, IBM, HP, and many others, that have been setting up independent R&D centers throughout Russia.

Whereas India is still the leader in coding and BPO, Russia, with its unique engineering talents and complex problem-solving skills, is becoming increasingly attractive to high-tech product companies seeking high-end R&D and IT outsourcing services. Already a prime contender in the race to satisfy the growing hunger for engineering services, companies like Auriga, with its own development centers in several Russian cities, are steadily proving their worth by offering complete product engineering—from concept to support and deployment—to clients who wish both to get superior technical expertise at less the cost and to open up new markets for their respective brands and products.

The article quotes Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President:

“We have a special focus on delivering high-end IT outsourcing services for high-tech product companies, ISVs, OEMs, especially for software, telecom, health care and medical devices industries. The services include complete product engineering (from the product concept to support and deployment) and all sub services included in it-software development and maintenance, software testing and quality assurance, re-engineering and porting, localization, consulting, professional services.”

You can read the Global Services’ article “Re-engineered Globally” on Auriga’s web-site.

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