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News Release

Oct 26, 2006

Russian IT Human Capital Potential Is Still High: Auriga Announces Results Of The Latest Statistical Research

Auriga, the oldest American IT outsourcing services provider with development centers in Russia (since 1990) has announced the latest results of its own statistic survey aimed at showing Russian IT labor market potential. According to this survey, actual number of Russian IT labor entering the market is practically equal to that of India.

Auriga’s survey specifically proves that Russia’s competitive advantage is its high quality education system that focuses on deeply fundamental engineering knowledge. Our research found that the new IT labor supply amounted to 244,468 people in the 2005-06 academic year. Total new IT labor in Russia is slightly lower than in India - 246,000 people in 2005-06, but the gap is considerably smaller than it is perceived.

Auriga’s research was based on the data provided by the Russian Federal Statistics Service (ROSSTAT). Three academic years were reviewed and analyzed using the total number of newly qualified Russian university graduates.

“What is important to point out is that the number of IT graduates is almost equal in Russia and in India, all these IT professionals enter dramatically different outsourcing markets in terms of the volume. Russian IT outsourcing industry has reached $1B recently, while Indian IT and services exports outsourcing exceeded $22B.” – says Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President and Founder. “This fact has high importance – the same number of fresh IT labor annually enters the strikingly different in the size markets. Russian IT software outsourcing receives much more highly skilled, fundamentally educated engineering personnel. However this is a big challenge for Russia to strengthen its position on the global IT outsourcing market”.

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