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News Release

Jul 21, 2006

Auriga’s Worldwide it Expertise is Now Applied to Software Localization

Auriga, the first American IT outsourcing services provider with development centers in Russia, being in tune with the global IT market tendencies towards globalization, is offering a new service - software localization.

Auriga’s current service lines cover comprehensive software lifecycle - development, porting, re-engineering, testing, release engineering and software maintenance. In a step to fully complement its services Auriga launches localization service to its clients. Auriga supports global IT corporations with software, website, and documents localization. The new offering is supported by Auriga’s proven experience in quality-oriented and customer-focused IT projects. Localization requires linguistic and technical accuracy where the company rigorously applies its extensive expertise.

“Being in close interaction with our clients and on the cutting edge of global IT, we see a growing demand for localization services from the leading IT and software corporations. It is essential to be able to provide technical quality and linguistic consistency while performing localization projects”, says Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President and Founder. “More then 15 years of experience in software development enables us to apply best practice to localization adjusted to individual client’s requirements”.

Auriga is offering a wide variety of services such as translation to numerous European languages, resource files localization for software products, preparation of documentation in various DTP systems and formats, localization engineering - embedding the translated files into the original software, testing and many more to meet the growing demand in this market space.

About Auriga, Inc.

Auriga – is the American IT outsourcing services provider with development centers in Russia (since 1990). Auriga was the first to adopt the Remote Engineering Center (REC) concept as its driving strategy. Recognized as one of the Top 5 outsourcing providers in Central & Eastern Europe, Auriga focuses on delivering robust business and technology solutions to the high-tech and specialty equipment manufacturers worldwide. Auriga’s client list includes such industry majors as IBM, Dräger Medical Systems, LynuxWorks, NMS Communications, and many others.

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