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News Release

Mar 10, 2006

Auriga Training Center: First Graduates, First Success

Since November 2005, Auriga has been successfully running its own Training Center, created on the basis and at the premises of Moscow State University. Auriga’s Training Center aims to provide senior students, graduates, and postgraduates with advanced IT training and hands-on experience in top-notch technologies, highly demanded by Auriga’s customers. The first group of students, who had enrolled in November, successfully completed the course “System-level Software Development Fundamentals” in February 2006. Currently, the second group is being trained.

The relations between Moscow State University, the oldest Russian university which is unquestionably number one in Russia and among the world’s Top 10, and Auriga, the oldest U.S.-Russian software development company, are deeply rooted. Alexis Sukharev, Auriga President and founder, was one of the most renowned MSU professors for more than twenty years. Moreover, about 40% of Auriga’s engineers graduated from MSU. Other higher education institutions are not left out of sight by Auriga that pays constant attention to further extension of its ties with Russian academic majors.

The Russian educational system, as it has repeatedly been noted by international experts, is undoubtedly one of the most developed and advanced educational systems in the world. However, given the dynamic and applied nature of the IT industry, the system of education in Russia is too complex to respond on-the-fly to the emerging industry trends. Besides, in a highly academic environment, a certain lack of practice is a common fact. Therefore, the importance of practical experience for IT novices gained while working with the latest hardware and software products could not be underestimated.

Thinking strategically, Auriga understands that the future of the Russian IT is in the hands of today’s university students. The Auriga Training Center empowers graduates with the applied knowledge they need to bring the entire Russian IT industry to success.

"We have configured our training program to transform each graduate into a world-class IT professional,” says Vladimir Roganov, a distinguished software developer with an unmatched teaching expertise, who is heading the Auriga Training Center. “At Auriga, attracting the best students is a top priority,” states Sergei Morkovin, Auriga COO. “Our company’s well-planned training program aims to nurture promising youngsters and fresh aspirants to become thoroughbred professionals,” he reiterates.

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