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News Release

Sep 21, 2004

RUSSOFT and Fort Ross Merger Strengthens Russian IT Outsourcing

The Russian IT industry’s two major associations have recently finalized the terms of their partnership, which was officially announced earlier this year. The combined resources of RUSSOFT and Fort Ross are expected to unify marketing and PR efforts for better representation of Russia’s software development industry in the West.

Since 2001, Moscow-based RUSSOFT has successfully promoted Russia’s burgeoning IT industry to the world by advertising its member associations’ expertise and human resource potential. St. Petersburg’s Fort Ross Consortium functioned mainly by connecting Russian IT players to the world through various events and conferences.

The new merged entity will take the name of RUSSOFT. According to Gartner’s research, RUSSOFT better represents the essence of the organization – RUSsian SOFTware industry. It will be an organization of 73 companies, mostly from Russia (but also representing companies from Ukraine and Belarus), with total revenues of over 150 Million USD. The figure comprises about 30% of the rapidly growing Russian IT outsourcing market.

Administration of the united partnership will be provided by a group of eleven people, comprised of incumbent President, Valentin Makarov, and an elected Board of Directors. Alexis Sukharev, Auriga President and CEO, was elected into the Board by unanimous vote.

“This union came after a long-term effort performed by the key players of Russian IT outsourcing industry”, says Alexis Sukharev. “My position has always been for the unity approach, which objectively helps to better promote Russia’s IT outsourcing companies in the North American and European markets, the key regions in which we advance our business.”
The pivotal conference took place in St. Petersburg – hosting all key players in the industry. “I am truly happy…” - continues Alexis Sukharev after returning from the event - “…that we managed to finalize our efforts and make a single-spirited decision that came out of the creative brainstorming, constructive approach and everybody’s understanding that we are doing ‘the right thing’. This merger breaks new grounds for both Russian outsourcing and Auriga Inc. to continue successful relationships with our present and future customers and partners as well as promoting our interests at the state level.”

Julia Rovinskaya,
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