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News Release

Jun 27, 2003

Building Awareness of Russian IT Resources

AMHERST, NH - Auriga Inc., a U.S. software services supplier with a well-established development center in Russia, is pleased to announce that it has committed direct support and sponsorship for a new report by Aberdeen Group on software development in Russia released on June 27, 2003.

The report, entitled "Software Development in Russia: A Buyer's Guide to the Russian Software Development and Services Export Industry", is the first attempt ever by an industry analyst to present an independent overview of the Russian offshore IT outsourcing industry based on feedbacks from the clients of the Russian outsourcing companies. The Aberdeen research reveals an increasing interest in Russia as an attractive location for foreign companies, both for outsourcing and offshore development centers and as a market. The report shows that more multinational enterprises that adopt global services sourcing and software development models seek to reduce costs and augment core skills by using Russian IT resources. Companies are attracted to the country's combination of a large, highly skilled science, math, and engineering talent pool and its comparatively low labor costs.

Auriga is cited in Aberdeen Buyer's Guide as one of the earliest U.S./Russia hybrid software services companies that has been making Russian IT talent available to U.S. and multinational companies for more than 12 years. "The company has also been a leader in creating bridges between Russian and foreign IT communities," said Stephen Lane, Aberdeen report author, in his research. "During that time, Auriga has refined its collaborative on-site/offshore development and service delivery methodologies. As a result, its teams have become virtual extensions of their clients' internal IT organizations, often overcoming the latter's initial concerns about geopolitical risks and cultural differences in the process."

With more than 12 years of technology and business experience, Auriga is uniquely positioned to deliver customized IT offshore outsourcing solutions that allow our clients to reduce costs and remain competitive by focusing on their core competencies. Headquartered in Amherst, NH, Auriga combines on-shore account and project management with offshore engineering resources in Moscow. This collaborative on-site/offshore strategy and Auriga's commitment to quality and business process improvement efforts have enabled the company to win the trust of our customers and gain a reputation for superior client satisfaction. In February 2003, Auriga was named by Ernst&Young as one of the leading Russian offshore software development players.

As evidence of the client's satisfaction with and confidence in Auriga's capabilities, the company's dedicated sourcing relationship with BroadVision, a leading supplier of e-Business platforms and tools, was cited as an example of offshore software outsourcing best practices in Aberdeen Group's special report in September, 2002.

"We're very pleased to be recognized by Aberdeen Group, an IT market research leader," said Alexis Sukharev, President and founder of Auriga, Inc. "This recognition is a testament to our people's expertise and dedication to excellence in every business relationship. In the broader context of the U.S.-Russia business dialogue, this recognition underscores Auriga's commitment to improve awareness of the Russian software services industry among U.S. business and IT decision makers; to open the potential of the Russian market for a broader range of U.S. companies; and to explore the benefits of cooperation between the technology industries of the two countries."

An IT market research leader since 1988, Aberdeen Group continues to distinguish itself in a rapidly changing industry. Its forward-thinking research initiatives and positioning services are designed to address specific needs of multiple enterprise technology buyers and supplier organizations.
Aberdeen's vigorous primary research program is based on surveys of targeted IT buyers in more than 25 market segments, providing real-time insights into buying patterns, growth rates and trends. In exchange for participation, a vast array of research is made available online - at no cost - to end users, a process that has proven particularly valuable to small and medium-sized businesses.
Aberdeen also works with a wide range of supplier organizations - from start-ups to established global corporations - to successfully bring products to market and effectively target marketing and sales efforts. Through Aberdeen's online Access sites, which are focused on specific end-user communities, suppliers can access qualified survey research that helps them identify opportunities and better understand the needs of customers. Aberdeen's Web traffic is among the highest - and fastest growing - of any major IT research firm.
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Aberdeen has research and consulting divisions in Palo Alto, California, and Fort Collins, Colorado. Aberdeen is accessible on the Web at

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