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News Release

Jan 16, 2003

Auriga Offshore Engineering Team Contributes to the Release of BroadVision QuickSilver 1.6

AMHERST, NH — Auriga software engineers acting as contractors for BroadVision have contributed to the release of BroadVision® QuickSilver™ 1.6 by providing offshore development, support and maintenance of this full-featured software package for creating and publishing expansive documents in multiple output formats (including HTML, PDF, PostScript and ASCII) across a variety of platforms and networks.

Auriga’s engineering team located in Moscow has been involved in the QuickSilver project, originally an Interleaf product, for 7 years. When BroadVision Inc., a U.S. provider of enterprise business portal applications, acquired Interleaf in April 2000, it acquired not only a powerful line of content management products, including QuickSilver, but also an added offshore benefit as Auriga had been Interleaf’s offshore service provider since 1995. In August 2001, BroadVision outsourced QuickSilver support and maintenance to Auriga’s software development center in Moscow, Russia. Since then, five Auriga engineers have been engaged in the QuickSilver 1.5-1.6 development, support and maintenance. Among other development tasks, providing filters for QuickSilver has been entirely outsourced to Auriga’s offshore engineering team since 1997.

Key features of the new release include enhanced macro tools and hyperlink capabilities. With the new hyperlink capabilities, which were developed by Auriga’s team, hyperlinks remain active after publishing a document to a PDF or other formats. Future releases will include personalized delivery of published content and further integration with BroadVision's enterprise business portal framework.

Hundreds of industry leaders including Bausch & Lomb, Boeing, Ford, Lufthansa, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and the U.S. Postal Service are using BroadVision QuickSilver to automate and streamline the process of creating and publishing complex documents.

“QuickSilver 1.6 reflects Auriga's ongoing commitment to the QuickSilver product line and to our strategic partnership with BroadVision in general,” said Igor Pochinok, Director of Contract Programming at Auriga. “BroadVision and Auriga have created collaborative processes and a sense of shared responsibility that qualifies our current relationship as an example of offshore software outsourcing best practices which was cited as such in Aberdeen Group’s special report released in September, 2002”.

Apart from QuickSilver, Auriga engineering teams are also involved in developing and maintaining BroadVision One-To-One Content, an enterprise scale content management solution that allows organizations to maximize the value of their content assets.

BroadVision's enterprise business portal applications create immediate bottom line value by transforming the way organizations do business — moving relationships with employees, partners and customers to a personalized, self-service model that increases revenues, reduces costs and improves productivity. BroadVision is the leading provider of portal software to Fortune 500 companies; they use BroadVision to power their enterprise business portal initiatives — leveraging the web and wireless devices to unify and extend their enterprise applications, information and business processes, to collaborate with over 50 million users. BroadVision's customer base represents a broad spectrum of organizations, including British Telecom, The Boeing Company, E*Trade, Ericsson, FleetBoston Financial, GE Supply, Home Depot, Rockwell Automation, Sears, State of California, Toyota and Vodafone.

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