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Dec 11, 2002

Auriga Contributes to Award Winning Success of Massachusetts ELAR Project

AMHERST, NH — Auriga Inc., an Amherst-based IT consultancy, has contributed as a subcontractor to the award winning success of Massachusetts’ Educator Licensure and Recruitment (ELAR) project which has won the 2002 NASCIO Recognition Award for outstanding achievements in the field of Information Technology in the category of “Digital Government: Government to Citizen (G2C)”. The awards are given annually to state IT programs and systems that have created proven cost effective, innovative solutions in the operation of state government.

Auriga contributed to the award winning ELAR solution by providing one of its top architects, Pavel Stulov, who participated as a team leader. The size of the teams ranged throughout the development lifecycle from seven to sixteen consultants, and the level of effort required to deliver this solution was well over one hundred person months. The ELAR project engineering teams designed and developed an automated on-line system to license and recruit educators. This web application was designed in accordance with the standard n-tier architecture principles and developed in Java, with WebLogic 5.1 as the application server, and Oracle Server 9i as the back-end. The system encompassed four Internet releases, namely: Educator Portal & Licensure Help – On-line; Educator Program approval; On-Line Licensure; and Recruiting.

“The ELAR project was a complex business challenge,” said Pavel Stulov. “We worked hand-in-hand with the client to solve their most pressing concerns that included streamlining workflow, reducing paperwork, and increasing the speed and ease with which their respective tasks could be accomplished. The project was completed in about 10 months and the overall results exceeded the client’s expectations. The system has been up and running for more than six months already.”

Developed for the Massachusetts Department of Education, the ELAR project addresses a national critical need for educators and will help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts meet its mission statement and the Federal requirements to ensure there is a highly qualified educator in every classroom. Through improved processing and functionality, ELAR will provide significant financial benefits to the State. The business plan for this effort identified savings in excess of $1.5 million over five years. $2.5 million per year is also collected in licensing fees.

“ELAR’s award winning success underscores Auriga's commitment to supply the right consultant with the right skill sets to match the client’s expectations,” said Charles Lutz, Director of Staffing Services at Auriga. “By making sure that our top staff technologists are directly involved in the recruiting of their peers, Auriga is able to maintain an extremely high caliber talent base available for client requirements. With engineers like Pavel on staff, the success achieved with the ELAR project is par for the course.”

Auriga has been delivering IT staffing solutions since1998. Today, Auriga provides its clients with highly skilled and motivated IT professionals available to work on site as contract engineers either individually or in teams. Auriga’s staffing services have evolved into a highly efficient model that has won us a host of clients ranging from fortune 500 companies to startups. Auriga was ranked within the top 50 fastest growing staffing companies in the USA for both 2001 and 2002.

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