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Sep 3, 2002

Auriga is Selected by Aberdeen Group to Exemplify Best Practices in Offshore Software Outsourcing

AMHERST, NH - Auriga Inc., a U.S. software services supplier with development facilities in Russia, is proud to announce that it has been selected by Aberdeen Group as one of the most compelling examples of successful offshore service delivery for its special report "Offshore Software Outsourcing Best Practices: Building Successful Relationships on a Diverse Delivery Mode" released on September 04, 2002.

Aberdeen Group, a leading market analysis and positioning services firm, has named Auriga, along with other 14 service providers, "best of breed" in offshore software outsourcing practices for its contribution to a dedicated sourcing relationship with Interleaf, a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing and content management, and, later, BroadVision, a leading supplier of e-Business platforms and tools, which acquired Interleaf in 2000 and, in doing so, received added offshore benefit.

"Over time, BroadVision and Auriga have created collaborative processes and a sense of shared responsibility that qualifies their current relationship as an example of best practices," says Stephen Lane, Aberdeen report author, in his research. "That the relationship survived and continued to grow following an acquisition speaks to how important it is for clients and suppliers to apply due diligence not only to qualifications and requirements but also to understanding each other's organizations, strengths, and capabilities."

To meet the client's requirements, Auriga developed a sustainable business model for effective offshore software development which proved viable and enabled the company to create a strategic partnership with the client. It was a pioneering strategy back in the mid-1990s when offshore outsourcing was in its early stages. Since then, the model has been continuously refined based on inputs from Auriga's accumulated experience and maturing relationships with the clients.

Auriga's highly experienced and skilled developers and engineers, as well as its dedicated management staff members, are cited in the report as factors in Auriga's success. Selected by Interleaf from many other software service suppliers for its senior-level engineering staff and because it was a U.S.-based company with a strong local presence and experienced management, Auriga very soon proved its best-in-class skills. Auriga has been directly involved in the transformation of Interleaf's BladeRunner into BroadVision One-to-One Publishing and its continued development into a leading content management solution.

"We are proud to be selected by Aberdeen Group to represent the best of the best among offshore IT service providers," said Alexis Sukharev, President of Auriga, Inc. "This high recognition is a significant accomplishment. Auriga's case is an excellent example of how the outsourcing model works in Russia. Auriga is focused on having Russian engineering talents work effectively and efficiently in IT projects of our clients, the way it is and has been with Interleaf and BroadVision for 7 years."

Since 1988, Aberdeen Group has been a leader in providing market analysis and positioning services that help business technology suppliers meet the challenge of establishing leadership in fast-changing markets. Aberdeen is headquartered in Boston, MA, and has research centers in Palo Alto, CA, Fort Collins, CO and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Aberdeen's consultants provide up-to-the-minute global IT market insights in more than 25 IT market segments. Research practices focus on emerging market opportunities, market growth rates, important industry trends, and customer buying patterns. Aberdeen's technology expertise includes Enterprise Business Applications, Carrier and Enterprise Communications, Network Services, and Platforms.

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