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News Release

Jun 26, 2001

Auriga, Inc. and NICEVT, the largest Eastern European Research and Development Center launch IT Business Incubator Project

Auriga, Inc., an IT consulting and software development company, and NICEVT, one of the largest research and development institutions in eastern Europe, are launching the IT Business Incubator (ITBI) Project as the first initiative within the strategic partnership program announced earlier.

"Many Western IT firms face difficulties in starting R&D affiliates in Russia. The ITBI will provide all facilities for IT companies to launch their own businesses in Russia. Software entrepreneurs can use these facilities to quickly get into business and establish themselves. The ITBI will help them by applying its technical and managerial expertise, as well as strong regional relationships", said Alexis Sukharev, President of Auriga, Inc.

The services offered by the ITBI are:

  • Providing secure premises with developed infrastructure
  • Recruiting dedicated development teams for and together with customers
  • Building up "turn-key" firms
  • Delivering projects and, subsequently, selling the firms

"We have answers to questions on legal structures, intellectual property rights protection, software development and core technologies support, web technology, production, marketing, recruiting, and accounting and can assist our partner companies in resolving them. We expect that ITBI will evolve as a major center in Russia to provide support and facilitate the growth of Russian affiliates of emerging technology companies", said Valeri Mitrofanov, Director of NICEVT.

NICEVT (Science and Research Center on Computer Technology) was founded in 1968 in Moscow, Russia. By the mid-80s, the Center evolved as a leader in manufacturing hardware and software for IBM-compatible mainframes in Eastern Europe. It had a staff of 7,000 top-notch professionals who were engaged in a wide range of projects for the country ey industries and, in particular, the military-industrial complex. In 1994, NICEVT was privatized and restructured into a joint-sock company with 38% of shares owned by the Government. Currently, NICEVT is involved in defining and implementing Russia's national IT strategy.

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