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Jun 20, 2001

Auriga, Inc. has announced partnership with NICEVT, the largest Eastern European Research and Development Center

Auriga, Inc., a fast growing U.S. based IT consultancy, has announced a new partnership with NICEVT, the designer of the Russian IBM-compatible mainframe architecture and one of the largest research and development institutions in Eastern Europe.

Auriga will establish a new engineering facility at NICEVT by July this year, which will enable the company to augment resources for the growing volumes of its offshore software projects. Auriga will contribute to NICEVT by providing hardware, telecom equipment and engineering teams for the institute's research programs.

"By the end of the year 2001, we plan to increase 3 times the volume of our offshore projects done in Moscow based on the partnership with NICEVT',said Sergei Morkovin, Director General of Auriga Software Development Center.
"Cooperation with Auriga, Inc. contributes to our research programs in the area of embedded technologies", said Valeri Mitrofanov,Director of NICEVT.

Both companies have strong confidence that their partnership will provide new opportunities for software entrepreneurs and high-tech firms worldwide who have opted for doing offshore IT business in Russia.

NICEVT (Science and Research Center on Computer Technology) was founded in 1968 in Moscow, Russia. By the mid-80s, the Center evolved as a leader in manufacturing hardware and software for IBM-compatible mainframes in Eastern Europe. It had a staff of 7,000 top-notch professionals who were engaged in a wide range of projects for the country's industries and, in particular, the military-industrial complex. In 1994, NICEVT was privatized and restructured into a joint-sock company with 38% of shares owned by the Government. Currently, NICEVT is involved in defining and implementing Russia's national IT strategy.

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