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Mar 30, 2010

Auriga at Embedded World 2010

On March 2-4, Auriga representatives participated in the Embedded World 2010 Exhibition & Conference – the world’s most significant event in the domain of embedded technologies, covering all aspects of embedded systems development. Embedded World is the major meeting place that gathers industry professionals, OEMs, ISVs and services providers.

The event offers a unique combination of technology-related firsthand expert knowledge, workshops and tutorials, while serving as a platform for business meetings and establishing partnership. In 2009 the conference and exhibition attracted more than 700 exhibitors, and some 16,000 trade visitors used the opportunity to obtain an impression of the latest trends in embedded technologies.

With embedded software development services as one of its primary business focus, Auriga prioritize being in line with the most recent and actual trends of the software development. Being one of the world leaders in embedded systems development since 1990, Auriga successfully delivers complex projects to its vast clientele list, including such majors as LynuxWorks, IBM, Dräger Medical, and others.

At the event, Auriga Program Managers Gennadiy Zubkov and Sergei Zimin in association with Birdstep Technologies presented one of the executed projects – Birdstep’s Raima Database porting to Android platform. This project was delivered within the scope of Auriga’s technical partnership with Birdstep Technology .

"It was a really useful experience, with lots of opportunities to meet colleagues from leading companies, such as Siemens, EUROS, IPCAS, REAL TIME Systems and others. This year's Embedded World was extremely important for us, since it was the first event when Auriga was officially represented as a technical partner of Birdstep Technology,"

Gennadiy Zubkov, Auriga Program Manager

"Embedded and real-time technology is a small world, and being in the know and up-to-date is a precious thing. We've benefited from meeting new people and from the valuable discussions we had with our current customers and partners,”

Sergey Zimin, Auriga Program Manager


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