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Apr 1, 2009

Agile meets airborne software quality standards

On March 31, Auriga’s project manager Maxim Dorofeev presented his report “Agile in the Snobbery World” at AgileLabs’09. He spoke about using Agile methods to streamline airborne software development process while assuring the same high quality level, and also touched the subject of compatibility between Agile approaches and CMMI.

In the first part, Maxim summarized the management experience gained in successful development and qualification of airborne software,—an area regulated by a complicated RTCA/DO-178B standard, often seen as rigid and contradicting Agile methodologies. Based on this real-life experience, Auriga’s PM demonstrated that, on the one hand, Agile approach conforms to the stringent DO-178B requirements and, on the other hand, core Agile principles lead to efficient DO-178B practice application.

Talking about Agile methodology in the context of the CMMI maturity model, Maxim pointed out that these entities can complement each other, and, moreover, sometimes Agile is the most efficient way to accomplish a project within CMMI framework. Comparing Agile and CMMI side by side, Maxim demonstrated that Agile development methodologies can be mapped to the CMMI specific goals and practices, or, alternatively, many CMMI process areas and practices can be seen as the foundation for Agile.

Maxim’s statements on direct applicability of Agile methods to the projects demanding exceptional quality standards and performed according to mature development processes matches Auriga experience in this area.

The presentation received very positive feedback from Agile professionals:

“An incredibly interesting presentation… It turns out that even in this critical business area Agile methodologies can be used with high success”.

“A brilliant report by Maxim Dorofeev. What he showed us was 'true Agile'”.

“Maxim’s report … took me to a whole new level of presentation”.

To find out more and browse through Maxim’s presentation slides, please follow this link.

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