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Dec 28, 2008

Auriga speaks on teaching Linux programming at international IT education conference

Mikhail Pavlov, Director of Auriga Training Center (ATC), presented the results of methodological work of ATC specialists at The Third International Conference for Research and Applications that took place on 6-9 December 2008.

The conference “Contemporary Information Technology and IT-education” is organized by the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State Lomonosov University, and supported by leading universities of the Russian Federation, research institutes of the Russian Academy of Science, as well as leading IT companies.

The key topics on the conference agenda were the current state and tendencies of Russian technical education, and the priority domains and directions for its further development. The event included high-level discussions of IT teaching methodologies and various branches of technical knowledge, as well as presentation on best practices and hands-on experience.

The report of Mikhail Pavlov was dedicated to the effective pedagogical principles and practices in teaching software engineering, founded on the experience of the Linux embedded programming course offered by ATC.

Auriga Training Center based on the premises of Moscow State University, was set up in cooperation with Laboratory of Mobile and Computing Systems of the University Research Computing Center. It develops and implements training programs to provide knowledge in modern technologies that are directly applicable to the tasks solved by engineers of Auriga and other companies. Two courses that deserve to be mentioned separately are “Fundamental Foundations of System Programming” and “Linux Kernel Programming”, based on Auriga’s 18 years of experience in software development, Linux kernel, and embedded and system-level development.

Along with solving the goal of selecting and retraining ”freshers” to fill corporate vacancies, ATC allows Auriga to participate in the formation of open source community and cultivate domestic talent by bringing hands-on tradition into Russian IT education.

As the demand for Auriga’s expertise in Linux kernel programming is steady high, Auriga plans to share its long-term experience with young and talented engineers and support further initiatives to bring new ideas into Russian IT education.

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