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Oct 19, 2007

Auriga’s President champions Russian IT outsourcing industry at European conferences

European business has been showing strong interest in maximizing business effectiveness through cooperation with Russian IT and software companies. In September 2007, Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President and founder, presented the Russian IT and software outsourcing industry, its potential and strengths at two European events aimed to stimulate cooperation between European companies and Russia as an emerging business community.

Dr. Sukharev, Board Member of the Russian Software Developers Association (RUSSOFT) since its inception, spoke on behalf of the association at Marcus Evans’ “Leveraging Strategic Opportunities in Low Cost Countries” symposium in Budapest, Hungary. Russia is gaining interest as a business partner that provides a number of opportunities for effective business cooperation. Russia’s stable economy, its large market, and a vast highly educated and skilled IT labor pool ensure a positive environment for long-term cooperation. In his presentation, Dr. Sukharev advised entering the Russian market and considering it as an expansion strategy for those European companies that seek reliable and strong partners.

Dr. Sukharev also participated in the “Russia-France: cooperation in IT technologies and innovation” event held in Paris, France where he spoke about the Russian IT and software export industry. The conference, followed by B2B meetings between French and Russian companies, was organized by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with support from the Russian Embassy in France and the French Embassy in Russia. The attention from the authoritative institutions and high level organizations points to the importance of such meetings aimed to stimulate business and trade growth in IT between Europe and Russia.

“When I take part in large and small conferences and meetings, I can see that the European business community is demonstrating a growing interest in Eastern Europe and Russia in particular. This interest is driven not only by a desire to cut costs through partnering with a nearshore service provider, but, largely, by aiming to maximize the business value through involving highly skilled engineering talent. And here we have a lot to offer to make the partnerships successful”, said Alexis Sukharev.

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