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Dec 28, 2006

Auriga-Kazan brings innovative technologies to Tatarstan, Russia’s most dynamically developing republic

Auriga-Kazan, Auriga’s Russian regional software development center, has participated in the “Tatarstan Entrepreneurs Forum” and the “Innovative Business Technologies” exhibition.

Tatarstan is currently the most dynamically developing region of the Russian Federation. The republic’s government pays close attention to the development of innovative technologies, Tatarstan’s scientific and R&D potential, and its prospects in the global ICT market. The government plans to stimulate and support the region’s IT technoparks development and innovative technologies export growth. The Forum and the exhibition provided a good ground for opinion exchange between the government and business, and became an important event attended by the President of Tatarstan.

During the event, Auriga presented its new initiative – the Innovation Center that will unite Tatarstan’s high scientific potential with Auriga’s deep expertise in software engineering and implementing R&D projects for companies all over the world. The customers of the Center seeking to perform high-tech and science-intensive projects will benefit from combining Auriga’s highly experienced IT resources and project management capabilities with a wide pool of scientific resources available in the region. In this initiative, Auriga cooperates with one of the biggest technoparks in Europe – the Kazan technopark “Idea”. Auriga’s experience in the global ICT market and the company’s vision on Tatarstan’s perspectives in innovative technologies development and export aroused high interest of the event participants.

Auriga-Kazan is the company’s fastest growing regional software development center. Established in 2004, Auriga-Kazan currently employs more than 30 engineers and works on projects for Russian and U.S. clients. At the beginning of 2006, the center was relocated to the Kazan technopark “Idea”. Auriga-Kazan will continue its growth in 2007. The center closely cooperates with the Kazan State University, one of the oldest and biggest Russian universities, and has established joint training programs aimed at providing junior software engineers with the knowledge of modern technologies and project methodologies.

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