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May 18, 2006

Alexis Sukharev moderated panel at the key Russian outsourcing industry event - ROSS’06.

Auriga participated in the largest key Russian IT outsourcing industry event – the Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit held in Moscow on June 1-2. The fifth annual conference gathered more than 500 participants.

From year to year, panels moderated by Auriga’s President Alexis Sukharev are constantly recognized as the most interesting and vivid discussions within the ROSS program. On June 1, 2006, Alexis Sukharev lead the "Russia’s Role in Global IT Outsourcing" panel. This panel presented a proactive discussion that covered, among others, the following topics:

  • Perception of the Russian IT outsourcing industry abroad: what could be done to improve the current situation;
  • What marketing efforts should be undertaken by the Russian outsourcing industry to increase its market share and how should the industry position itself on the global market.

“ROSS is an acknowledged industry event that allows Russian software outsourcing industry leaders, influencers, analysts and media representatives to gather and discuss the latest achievements, progress and industry trends”, - says Alexis Sukharev. “I should say that the "Russia’s Role in Global IT Outsourcing" panel was the most prominent discussion in this year’s conference program. It is very important to be aware how the Russian IT outsourcing industry is being perceived by U.S. and European businesses, and what is even more important for us is to form the strategy of understanding how we should position ourselves on the global outsourcing market. The discussion gave answers to these questions and gave us impulse towards further development’.

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